Symphony Math

Symphony Math is a web-enabled program with a visual and highly intuitive interface, Symphony Math® helps students understand at a conceptual level. Instead of being overwhelmed by numbers, students move at their own speed and learn how math works.  The program provides math intervention and screening for grades K through 8. Through every stage of Symphony Math®, students gain a strong foundation in underlying principles and become better equipped to take on basic and advanced subjects. Going far beyond rote math drills and practice tests, this special teaching solution illuminates the core of learning and produces confident, more capable students.

Lexia Reading 5/Reading Plus

Oak Ridge Youth Development school has partnered with Educational Design Solutions to help all students reach their academic potential with online technology tools. Scholars are placed in Lexia Reading or Reading Plus based on their accessed level. Instruction from their teacher and the program will be delivered at their personalized level. Lexia Reading will help scholars work independently to develop critical reading skills in a structured, sequential manner through 18 levels.

Reading Plus will help scholars develop their silent reading skills in all 3 domains of reading: physical, cognitive and emotional. Both programs are aligned to National and the Common Core State Standards. Parents will be provided reports and resources to help monitor their scholars throughout the program.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

ORYDS is placing a strong emphasis on STEAM activities.  We partnered with the Kansas City Kansas Community College to provide a variety of science experiments to our students in grades K-12 that meets state standards.   Dr. Edward Kremer, Dean of the Department of Math, Science, and Technology prepared the curriculum and trained our teachers to deliver the science experiments.  We included Robotics through the use of Legos.  We also encourage our scholars to express their learning experiences through the arts.  It’s through this active engagement that a foundation for lifelong learning can be fostered.


ORYDS will continue chess as part of our curriculum for all students K-12. The art of playing chess is known to exercise both sides of the brain and raise your IQ. Chess also increases your creativity and improves memory. Playing chess will teach our students to plan, set goals, problem-solve, and think critically.

Character Counts

Character Counts is a character education program that we use to teach the qualities of good character and ethics. We also discuss self esteem and anti-bullying issues with the children.

The Six Pillars are: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship


Oak Ridge Youth Development School will provide an entrepreneurial component to our six week Summer Enrichment Program for students in grades 6th to 12th in the effort of piquing their interest in entrepreneurship as a career choice. This program will be project-based and interactive.  It will allow students to learn and practice skills in developing, designing, and testing new business models and ideas.

Integrated Health Curriculum

ORYDS developed an Integrated Health Curriculum to address nutrition, health, and wellness.  Students will be provided with a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack using the menu.  We have partnered with the YMCA to provide differentiated swimming lessons to our students.

Kids in the Kitchen will be provided by the K-State Extension to teach our students about nutritional foods and how to prepare healthy snacks.   Our students will use what they learn to create a Healthy Cantina for our school. Students will also participate in physical activity with age appropriate games.